Useful Digital Marketing Learning Resources

Posted by Sean on January 1, 2018

Thought I’d share this with everyone just in case there are any nuggets that might be useful for others.

Any of the blogs for the tools that are used can be great especially Moz and their Whiteboard Friday video:

Also the following tools, bearing in mind their content will skew towards using their tools but can be widely applied[

The Official Google Webmaster Tools Blog is the source for many new updates [

Many official updates, plus things that are being widely noticed by the community but not being talked about officially by the search engines will come out on the following closely related sites:[

If you can make it up to town, Search London is worth attending. They have regular speakers such as Aleyda Solis, Lukas Zelezney, Russell McAthy, etc. as well as the founders/directors of many of the other agencies and toolsets – good opportunity to network, normally paid ticket but you get a load of content and normally a couple of free drinks[

Also Brighton SEO, tickets can be sourced for free if you are lucky, as well as paid for with additional benefits such as premium sessions and round tables. If you can’t make it stream the main session live for free.[

Look for the regular authors/speakers on any of the above, especially guest authors, and check out their twitter feeds for content they write or share.

If you want to get a wide overview on all digital marketing topics spend £11 on the following course on Udemy 19 hour course with video and specific tasks to do.[

That should get you started. I haven’t touched outreach, social or local there (saying that Greg Gifford is good for local SEO albeit with a US skew – definitely watch his content its brilliant).

Finally, look to the wider marketing field as well especially as digital marketing becomes more just marketing. Marketing Week is good in this respect and especially the content from Mark Ritson who is a very straight shooter (plus adjunct professor or marketing for Sydney University and marketing advisor for LVMH) – he is not a social media marketing fan though! [

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