Day One Journal

Posted by Sean on January 3, 2015

So I have decided to take note of Robin Sharma’s excellent teachings and spend a little time journaling my life.

My guess is that given his general philosophy, that he would forgive me for using an app to journal rather than a written journal, as at least it means I am doing rather than not doing.

From Monday I start a new role as head of marketing for startup digital video production company Base Touch and I want to be able to journal my life a little in order to help organise it as well as remember.

Robin suggests writing your journal in the “Power Hour” between 05:00 - 06:00 however as this when I will be doing my morning workout or run, I will instead attempt to do a journal entry on my daily 1.5 hour commute from Chartham to London.

Many of my daily journals I will publish to my website, some I will keep private. edit: I have subsequently uesed this daily for personal journals only

So this is day 1 using Day One.

I chose Day One after finding it on the App Store looking for apps that supported markdown as I have just converted my personal website from Wordpress to Jekyll Static Site Generator (I intend to write a blog post on this move and my reasons for it within the next few days).

Further more I found that there is a Jekyll-DayOne plugin from Jeff Verkoeyen and frankly his blog looks excellent. But I don’t intend to set this up yet.

Anyway I am currently just trying out the Day One app on my iPhone whilst my wife, Nicole, has her first ever go of Minecraft with our two boys (massive Minecraft fans) something she promised to do for a while. Well done Nicole, you survived the first night!

When I have had a bit more of a play I will do a bit more of a run down of features and a review of Day One app.

– Header image by AJ Montpetit